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Valea Salciilor Center [engl.]

Valea Salciilor Center, Tisau

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Valea Salciilor Center is located less than 100 km (63 miles) from Bucharest, in Tisau, Buzau County, where the first hills border the plains. At the edge of a majestic forest, it is a peaceful rural area with a warm energy that is easy to feel immediately. There we created a unique space for soul renewal.

In our center, a picturesque location is complemented with technology, and modern accommodations to facilitate unforgettable moments. It is a space build with love and knowledge and respect for nature; the architectonic solutions are ecological and insure a pleasant climate–top technology aligned with nature.

A studio and a pool complete the amenities. The studio has a pleasant, warm atmosphere, with natural light, insuring an intimate experiential space.  The pool is heated to body temperature. The ozone cleaning systems ensures that the water is clean and clear without unpleasant smells. The sound system is high quality both in the water and out of the water.

The accommodations are comfortable and the food is healthy and wholesome, perfecting a memorable experience.

Transportation to Valea Salciilor Center can be easily arranged from Bucharest. Please contact Daciana ( if you have any questions. Since training starts usually early in the morning, it is a good idea to arrive in Bucharest in the afternoon of the day before!